SPICE NIGHT | Box of 6 Wax Melts

SPICE NIGHT | Box of 6 Wax Melts


Approximately 4 hours each melt

AROMA: Black Peppercorn, rich Nutmeg, Indonesian Patchouli and exotic Lemongrass essential oils.  Spicy, slightly earthy with just a hint of citrus makes this one of our most popular scented candles. The lemongrass adds a little freshness to the otherwise spiciness of the black peppercorn and nutmeg oils while the base notes of patchouli ground the blend perfectly. Far flung places will come to mind when you burn this scent - from Africa to India, Bali to Borneo.

THERAPY: Blended to stimulate your senses - a real invigorating and restorative blend that will help perk you up and give you a boost.

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