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Ingredients of Bergamot, Rose, Geranium flower next to Restore Crystal Candle


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Crystal Candle Jar | RestoreRose Quartz

Skilfully blended with the benefits of essential oils with restorative therapeutic properties.  To compliment this pretty fragrance we have embedded a natural healing Rose Quartz* at the base of the Crystal Candle.  Created to enhance your wellbeing when you are feeling emotionally low.  Size: 100g | Up to 25 fragrant hours.

*Rose Quartz | A gorgeous soft pink gemstone, Rose Quartz is known for its' ability to attract unconditional love and compassion.

Once your candle has finished burning you can retrieve your crystal, wash with warm water and either carry it with you, display it or place it in a special place.  Keep stones away from small children.  Each crystal measures a minimum of 2cm.


Black and white drawing of lotus flower depicting Restorative benefits symbol for the Crystal Candle Restore with Rose Quarz 100% pure essential oils benefit symbol black and white heart shape drawing of British flag with Made in England benefits symbolBlack and white drawing of a pair of hands depicting Hand poured in small batches benefits symbol


Rose Otto essential oil | Botanical name: Rosa damascena | Country of origin: Bulgaria | One of the most precious oils in the world, it takes many kilos of rose petals to produce just a small amount of oil. A beautiful rich and fragrant, sensual scent with sweet rosy-floral fragrance notes.  Rose otto will help to increase feelings of vitality, balance your emotions and create a sense of relaxed wellbeing.

Bergamot essential oil | Botanical name: Citrus bergamia | Country of origin: Ivory Coast | Cold pressed from the peel, a classic ingredient used in perfumery for centuries.  It’s therapeutic properties can help reduce anxiety and depression.  With a rich, sweet, green and fruity scent. It has both relaxing and uplifting properties adding a little sunshine to any blend.  Creates a refreshing atmosphere and one of the most popular essential oils.


FREE FROM: Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens and Artificial Colours 

Crystal Candle jar Restore with Rose Quartz crystal and flowers