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Aromatherapy Room Spray | Awaken
Aromatherapy Room Spray Awaken and girl with outstretched arms looking at a mountain
Aromatherapy Room Spray | Awaken

Aromatherapy Room Spray | Awaken

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Aromatherapy Room Spray | Awaken

Everyone needs a little boost now and again - daytime, nighttime, anytime.  This fresh and stimulating Aromatherapy Room Spray will fill your space with a lively citrus fragrance with subtle spicy notes skillfully blended to help lift your spirits and recharge your batteries. Size: 100ml


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Ginger essential oil | Botanical name: Zingiber officinale | Country of origin: China | Steam distilled from the root with a rich, sharp scent with warm and stimulating spicy notes that can enhance concentration.  Ginger can also help to reduce feelings of sadness and loneliness and help with lethargy.

Eucalyptus essential oil | Botanical name: Eucalyptus globulus | Country of origin: China | Steam distilled from the leaves with a sharp, clean and green scent.  A wonderful addition to this blend as it helps clear the mind.

May Chang essential oil | Botanical name: Litsea cubeba | Country of origin: China | Steam distilled from the small berried fruit offering a fresh, lemon-sherbet aroma with head clearing top notes. 

Grapefruit essential oil - Botanical name: Citrus paradisi | Country of origin: Israel | Cold pressed from the peel of the fruit.  With bright, sharp citrus top notes - a zesty scent to help sharpen concentration, improve mental clarity and help to boost your self-confidence


Enjoy a quick burst of aromatherapy throughout the day to enhance your wellbeing.  Spray into the air at least 10cm away from any curtains, carpets, cushions or any other fabric.  Store out of direct sunlight in a cool place.