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Ingredients + Packaging


In a world in search of meaning, we are a committed brand returning to natural aromas developed with respect for the environment.

Crafted in England using ingredients sourced sustainably, respectfully and ethically, the range features a collection of scented candles, diffusers, pillow mists, melts, oils and sprays.

At Wild Planet Aromatherapy, we attach great importance to ingredients and their origin.  At Wild Planet Aromatherapy, we attach great importance to ingredients and their origin.  Our raw materials, 100% natural origin, are fully traceable and carefully selected from crops around the planet, many from small family farms. Working with our ethical suppliers who carry out thorough checks ensuring exceptional quality.  All the plant species are harvested with infinite care to keep all their properties intact.


Committed to cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally sensitive practices considering the preservation and impact of our planet. None of our formulations are subject to animal testing.

We take a considered approach to all of our packaging with a focus on recyclables.  Bottles and jars only made of glass, recyclable cardboard boxes made from partially recycled material, FSC standard from sustainably managed forests. 1 tree cut = 1 tree replanted. Plastic components are minimised while we proactively work towards safe and reliable alternatives.

Produced in small quantities, by hand in our studio located in the heart of Kent, South East England.