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Escape - Inspiring

100% pure and natural essential oils | Fragrance Notes:

Frankincense essential oil | Botanical name: Boswellia carteri: | Country of origin: Oman | The resin from the tree is steam distilled to produce the essential oil.  Used for centuries, it has a sweet, spicy, resinous aroma with uplifting properties to calm and uplift the spirits and an excellent oil to use if meditating as it gently calms the mind.

Cedarwood essential oil | Botanical name: Cedrus atlantica | Country of origin: Morocco | Extracted by steam distillation from the wood, valued since ancient times and still used as a temple incense by the Tibetans and as a traditional medicine.  Balancing and soothing, the aromatic woody aroma becomes more pronounced as it dries out.  It is particularly beneficial for relieving stress.

Patchouli essential oil | Botanical name: Pogostemon cablin | Country of origi: Indonesia | Steam distilled from the lightly fermented leaves.  You may not be a fan of this musky, woody scent, but its' strengthening, aphrodisiac and anti-depressant properties are valid reasons to pay more attention to this very aromatic oil.  If used sparingly, it can make a wonderful fixative for any blend and if you are struggling with anxiety, patchouli can help to balance out all your emotions.  It also has powerful aphrodisiac properties.

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