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ESCAPE Aromatherapy Home Fragrance


Scented Tea Lights Black and white drawing of Inspiring benefits symbol of meditation yoga person sitting cross legged 100% pure essential oils benefit symbol black and white heart shape drawing of British flag with Made in England benefits symbolBlack and white drawing of a pair of hands depicting Hand poured in small batches benefits symbolBlack and white drawing of heart shape with Recyclable box and tissue benefits symbol of scented tea lights in Lemon Verbena fragrance

Frankincense essential oil | Botanical name: Boswellia carteri: | Country of origin: Oman | The resin from the tree is steam distilled to produce the essential oil.  Used for centuries, it has a sweet, spicy, resinous aroma with uplifting properties to calm and uplift the spirits and an excellent oil to use if meditating as it gently calms the mind.

Cardamom essential oil | Botanical name: Elettaria cardamomum | Country of origin: Guatemala | Steam distilled from the dried seeds.  Restorative and relaxing, this sweet-spicy scent is one of the top choices to add a woody, almost floral tone to any blend.