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Copy of Our Story


Welcome to Wild Planet Aromatherapy - an award winning home fragrance brand that offers a natural alternative to the traditional, synthetic home fragrances. Inspired by travel, ancient rituals and nature.

We go to great lengths to source the finest 100% pure essential oils from around the planet which are used across the entire collection.

Part experience, part art, part instinct, blending flawless natural scents has taken time but every second is worth it when we know we have created a fragrance that works in harmony with your mood, to help you feel calm, lift your spirits and instil your home with pure, natural aromatherapy.

Wild Planet was found in 2010 with the support from my family who have all helped build the brand. Whether it's organising the logistics for exhibitions, social media marketing and content creation or tackling IT issues.  Wild Planet is very much a family affair and alongside my sister Tess, who recently joined the company, we work as a small team crating products from scratch.