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Rose Botanica reed diffuser blended with comforting aromatherapy essential oils of rose otto
Ingredients of roses, geranium flower, bergamot for Rose Botanica Home Fragrance Diffuser


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Home Fragrance Diffuser | Natural Reed Diffuser | Rose Botanica

Capturing the scent of walking through a rose garden, this is one of our very  indulgent and luxurious home fragrances.  Skilfully blended with the benefit of essential oils, this Home Fragrance Diffuser will help to lift your spirits and bring emotional calm and comfort.  With the unsurpassed benefits or pure Rose Otto oil to help relieve anxiety, lift depression and reduce stress levels.  Size: 100ml


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Rose Otto essential oil | Botanical name: Rosa damascena | Country of origin: Bulgaria | One of the most precious oils in the world, it takes many kilos of rose petals to produce just a small amount of oil. A beautiful rich and fragrant, sensual scent with sweet rosy-floral fragrance notes.  Rose otto will help to increase feelings of vitality, balance your emotions and create a sense of relaxed wellbeing.

Bergamot essential oil | Botanical name: Citrus bergamia | Country of origin: Ivory Coast | Cold pressed from the peel, a classic ingredient used in perfumery for centuries.  Its' therapeutic properties can help reduce anxiety and depression.  With a rich, sweet, green and fruity scent. It has both relaxing and uplifting properties adding a little sunshine to any blend.  Creates a refreshing atmosphere and one of the most popular essential oils.


Our aromatherapy Reed Diffusers provide a constant natural fragrance to enhance your wellbeing and create an inviting, scented space for you and your guests. 

Simply insert the reeds into the neck of the glass bottle ensuring they are resting on the bottom and spread out evenly.  The reeds will naturally absorb the liquid, drawing the scent to the top of the reeds where the fragrance is released into the air.

When first using your reed diffuser we recommend turning the reed sticks two or three times during the first twenty four hours to ensure the liquid is distributed efficiently.  After this period, turn the reeds periodically to release a stronger scent.  You can use less reed sticks and turn less often if you prefer a more subtle scent.

Our natural diffusers last up to four weeks if not longer.  Keep away from radiators or direct sunlight as the warmer the atmosphere, the quicker the diffuser oil will be absorbed by the reed sticks. Also ensure your reed diffuser is not placed near draughts or open windows.

You can buy refills HERE.

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