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Oil Burner Wax Melter in black soapstone next to black box Wild Planet Aromatherapy words in gold
Oil Burner Wax Melter in black showing separate black bowl next to black box with gold branded name
Oil Burner Wax Melter showing separate black soapstone bowl with wax melt inside the bowl
Oil Burner Wax Melter in black soapstone with lit tea light inside on top of two books

Oil Burner | Wax Melter

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A large, hand carved black soapstone Oil Burner/Wax Melter with a hand cut leaf pattern. The oil burner features a separate bowl.

To be used with a tea light and can be used in two ways, either by filling the small bow with and adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils or with a soy wax melt (no water required). The aroma from the oils is released gently into the room.

Please ensure there is either water or soy melt in the bowl at all times when tea light is alight. Never leave the Oil Burner/Wax Melter unattended when lit. 

Dimensions 115 mm tall, base 85mm diameter, bowl 90 mm diameter.