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Trio of Botanical Candles Gift Set by Wild Planet Products
Hand holding one votive from a Trio of Botanical Candles Gift Set next to one lit votive
Trio of Botanical Candles Gift Set next to one lit votive by Wild Planet Products

Trio Set of Botanical Candles

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Our trio selection of deliciously scented, aromatherapy votive candles, each blended with a single pure essential oil with natural wax.

Includes: 1 Bergamot votive + 1 Rose Geranium votive + 1 Grapefruit votive

Bergamot essential oil | Botanical name: Citrus bergamia | Country of origin: Ivory Coast | Cold pressed from the peel, a classic ingredient used in perfumery for centuries.  Its' therapeutic properties can help reduce anxiety and depression.  With a rich, sweet, green and fruity scent. It has both relaxing and uplifting properties adding a little sunshine to any blend.  Creates a refreshing atmosphere and one of the most popular essential oils.

Rose Geranium essential oil | Botanical name: Pelargonium graveolens | Country of origin: Egypt | Extracted by steam distillation of the leaves - we love its' pretty scent -not too sweet with a mild fruity-minty undertone.  Used extensively in perfumery making a fragrant addition with many blends. It has a balancing effect and will help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Grapefruit essential oil - Botanical name: Citrus paradisi | Country of origin: Israel | Cold pressed from the peel of the fruit.  With bright, sharp citrus top notes - a zesty scent to help sharpen concentration, improve mental clarity and help to boost your self-confidence.

Size: 70g | Up to 20 hours burn time.