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Escape | Box of 5 Scented Tea Lights
Escape home fragrance collection blended with aromatherapy essential oils of frankincense

Escape | Box of 5 Scented Tea Lights

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An INSPIRING blend of 100% pure essential oils including Frankincense, Cardamom and Cedarwood.  Relax your mind and enjoy the peace and tranquility with this unforgettable fragrance. If you practice mindfulness and meditation this mellow blend will create a temporary oasis in your daily routine and provide your own peaceful sanctuary.


  • Hand poured with non-toxic pesticide, herbicide GM free soy wax
  • 100% pure essential oils - no synthetic fragrance oils
  • Packaged in a black box with tissue paper - both made from recycled paper and card and also recyclable
  • Minimum five fragrant hours each individual tea light


Inspired by the fragrant smoke and ritual burning of incense from ancient churches and temples, we created this beautiful blend to capture the mystery of these sacred places. 

We selected a Somalian frankincense oil and softened its’ richness with cedarwood from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco finishing with some delicate, sweet notes of Guatemalan cardamom pods resulting in a fragrance that will help elevate your mind and lift your spirits.