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Mothering Sunday -

A celebration of Women 

We celebrate Mothering Sunday on 11th March, but do you know why? How did it come about? Why should we celebrate mothers?

Mothering Sunday has very different origins to the American Mother’s Day (celebrated in May, and only founded in 1908). It always falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent (also known as Refreshment Sunday and half way through the season of fasting and penitence).

In the Middle Ages people took an annual pilgrimage to their 'mother' church – usually the nearest Cathedral, where they were reunited with their families. This day of family re-union and break from the Lenten fasting eventually became a day off, mainly for daughters who had left home to work in domestic service (often as young as 10 years old) to visit their mothers. As the girls walked home through the countryside, they picked wild flowers to take home for their mums. This Sunday soon became known as Mothering Sunday.

Just like many mothers today who juggle work, family, children’s admin, admin for home, maintaining a social life, keeping the house looking (and smelling!) nice, mothers in the Middle Ages had lives just as challenging. They manufactured textiles, cared for children and equipped them for work at a young age, prepared food, tended livestock, helped bring in the harvest, brewed beer and baked bread and cakes. They had a hard job – and they were revered; Intellectuals of the time compared Mothering to the ‘very work of God’! As did Julian of Norwich in 1395 when she wrote the first book known to have been written by a woman

Mothers (and all women who care for others) are pretty formidable then!  Just look at this wonderful Medieval picture of Mary who casually hands over the baby Jesus while she takes care of a demon!

Women are pretty awesome members of society. Strong, practical, dynamic, tender, understanding and indispensable. Think about this when we celebrate International Women’s Day three days before Mothering Sunday this year. A day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout history and across nations

And don’t forget that your Mother, or any woman that you know who works hard caring for other people, is SO worth celebrating, SO worth encouraging, SO worth pampering and reminding that they are appreciated!

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